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DexaFit DexaFit Pensacola
280 N Palafox St 8506375281

DexaFit Pensacola provides you an all-in-one solution to transform your body, health and fitness with science, including access to state-of-the-art technologies that include:

  • Body Composition Analysis using DXA technology (sometimes called a DEXA scan) used to reveal your body fat, lean mass, and bone health
  • Vo2max Cardio Fitness and Metabolic Health Testing with the same technology used by leading hospitals, sports labs, and research centers, including the Mayo Clinic
  • Blood Panel, Microbiome, and Genetic screenings that are convenient, flexible, and powerful
  • Engaging reports and dashboards of your results to show you what everything means, how to apply them, and what to do in order to optimize your health
  • Leverage predictive health tools to offer insights and recommendations that improve your preventative health risk profile

Measuring your progress with this kind of technology is unique and rare because it gives you access to insights usually only available at hospitals and professional athletic facilities. Combining these insights with someone that knows how to leverage them to optimize a plan means you reach a higher state of health and performance.

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