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Joe Fox - Key Impressions - Your Real Estate Boutique
151 W. MAIN ST. SUITE 104 PENSACOLA, FL 32502 (850) 712-4767

Hi, my name is Joe Fox. I am a realtor with Key Impressions - Your Real Estate Boutique.

Key Impressions combines old-school work ethics and integrity with new trend technology.  We stand strong on "I, Q, & A": Integrity, Quality, and Attitude.  It is of utmost importance to choose a Realtor you can trust.  Over the years, We have heard and experienced the results of trusting in real estate agents that took advantage of their client, or didn't hold their client's best interest above their own. We opened Key Impressions, LLC because we are determined to be above average in ethics, standards, and integrity - which creates top-notch quality.  Key Impressions LLC only needs one chance to impress you. Before you make any real estate decisions, consult our team for honest, ethical, and quality real estate counsel. We also LOVE supporting local businesses, and are always looking for more opportunities to connect sales for local business owners on a much larger scale.

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