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Massage Mara Guller, LMT, Massage and Wellness
236 W Garden St, Suite 4, Inside OptiHealth, Pensacola, FL 32502 850-202-6250 mguller1@gmail.com


Oasis Health & Wellness Center, 1992
Colorado Springs Academy Of Therapeutic Massage, 1996
Academy Of Lymphatic Studies, 2003
Deaha’s Grove Yoga Teacher Training, 2008
Institute Of Integrative Nutrition, 2015

Since 1992, Mara Guller has been providing professional therapeutic massage to decrease pain and increase well-being and relaxation. Using neuromuscular trigger point, deep tissue, Swedish, hot stone, and manual lymphatic drainage with complete decongestive therapy (for lymphedema), she creates the massage that is tailored to your specific needs. Mara’s integrative technique provides effective massage therapy without causing pain that leaves you feeling more comfortable, relaxed and renewed.

Are you needing help with nutrition, digestive problems, and creating that healthy sustainable lifestyle? Contact Mara for a free phone health consult to see if Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching is for you.