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The Organization of Networking Entrepreneurs (The ONE)
Pensacola, FL 850-665-0002

Unlike other networking organizations in the country, the Organization of Networking Entrepreneurs promotes ALL networking. The ONE does not restrict members to the ONE and truly believes the more you network, the more you grow.

The primary goal of the ONE is relationships. The mission of the Organization of Networking Entrepreneurs is to facilitate an environment that promotes members to build relationships with each other. Members also improve their public speaking skills and are able to build a sales team, without having a payroll!

The ONE offers a FREE membership to non-profits, FREE weekly networking education, Veterans discounts, and a "3 and FREE" program.

Membership fees are 50% less than the "big corporate" networking companies, and we refuse to turn anyone away because of the money. Even though the ONE memberships are much MUCH less (with more value), we will honor a payment plan for anyone who is serious about gaining the relationships necessary to grow their business.